How To Price Your Makeup Services To Make More Money

If you want to learn how to price your makeup services for maximum profit, you've come to the right place.

In today's blog post, I'm gonna share with you a simple yet effective pricing formula that guarantees you always charge what you're worth so you get paid what you deserve on every booking.

But before we get into it… 

Here’s a mindset to avoid when learning how to price your makeup services correctly: 

In my 16 years of educating thousands of Makeup Artists, I’ve noticed a common hesitation (sometimes, it’s even a struggle) when it comes to increasing prices. 

Many artists fear they may lose clients if they raise their rates. And I totally get it… after all, no one wants to turn away paying customers.

But the reality is, if you continue investing in the latest products for your kit while your prices stay stagnant, you're essentially losing out on potential profits.

So even if it means losing a few clients along the way, you must learn how to price your services to reflect your value and expertise.

Now, the big question is…

How do you raise the prices of your makeup services without missing out on clients?

It’s really simple… 

Especially when you follow what I call “The Profit First Pricing Formula” which I share in the video of today’s blog post.

As I’ll explain to you in the video below, this simple pricing formula takes into account your expenses and desired profit, allowing you to command a higher price tag for your work.

Watch the video below to learn how to price your makeup services using this formula

As an added bonus click the button below to download a copy of “The Profit Pricing Formula” so you can always use it to ensure you’re pricing yourself right.


Okay… now you know how important it is to price your makeup services for profit. So it’s time to embrace your worth and charge the premium you deserve. 

And when you follow the Profit Pricing Formula which I shared in the video above, you won’t fear losing current clients… because you’ll start attracting clients who value your talent. 

So, if you want to learn how to price your makeup services for more profit on every booking, go watch the video and download a copy of Profit Pricing Formula. 

Stay fabulous,

Lauren D’Amelio Ventre

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