How to Execute Your Goals as a Freelance Makeup Artist – Pt.3

If you're a freelance makeup artist looking to shake things up in your artistry this year, then this is the video for you! I share some super helpful tips for executing your makeup goals starting right now.

Just hit that “play” button below to watch the video!

I also have something extra special for you. It's a fill-in-the-blank schedule guide to make your life easier. Whether you've got weddings, special occasions, or any other events where you need to create a schedule for your clients, this guide has got you covered. 

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Welcome back to our series on owning this year as a freelance makeup artist. 

In parts 1 & 2 of the series, I shared actionable tips for setting goals and creating a solid plan to advance your career as a freelance MUA.

Today, we’re diving into part 3 of the series where I’ll guide you on how to execute those goals and plans.

Let's dive in.

Tip #1 – Create a Detailed Schedule

Freelance life can be quite chaotic, but having a well-organized schedule is like having a magic wand that brings order to the chaos. That’s why I included this free scheduling guide as a giveaway in this blog.  It’s going to help you stay organized and plan out your appointments ahead of time, to ensure you meet your clients' expectations.

Tip #2 – When Clients Reach Out, Respond Promptly.

Responding promptly not only shows you're on top of your game but also sets a positive tone right from the start. And when it comes time for contracts, make sure to cover all the bases: timing, location, and anything else to ensure you and your client are on the same page.

Tip #3 – Make Every Consultation Count 

Consultations aren't just about makeup; they're about connection. Listen, visualize, and time it right – your clients will thank you for it. Remember, every consultation is a step closer to makeup mastery.

Tip #4 – Be Punctual & Prepared

Whether it's a wedding, a special occasion, or a photoshoot, you always want to show up early. It gives you an extra 15-30 minutes to set up, ensuring a stress-free start.

And here's a pro tip: schedule buffer time. Things happen, and you want to be prepared for unexpected surprises.

Tip #5 – Showcase Your Artistry 

Fast forward to the post-event glow. You've nailed the makeup, and now it's time to showcase your artistry to the world. So be sure to take before-and-after pictures, and let them show off your artistry on your social media.

Tip #6 – Evaluate 

After each week’s event,  make time to evaluate the past week, plan your content, and set the tone for the days ahead. 

Another pro tip: On the first Monday of every month, take a moment to glance at the full month ahead. Any personal events, weddings, or holidays coming up? Plan for them in advance to avoid last-minute stress.

Want to see me delve into the details of each tip and explain how they all fit together?

Watch the video here and don’t forget to grab the free scheduling guide I mentioned earlier.

As always, I look forward to reading your success stories as you use these tips in your makeup business.


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