How To Prepare And Charge For Destination Wedding Makeup

Before you take on a destination wedding makeup gig, there are 3 important tips you must keep in mind. 

In today’s blog post, I’m going to share these tips with you. Plus, I’ll give you a copy of my personal pricing and contract checklist for destination weddings. 

If that sounds cool to you, then let’s dive in.

First, let’s talk about destination weddings and what it involves for you — the makeup artist.

Destination Wedding Gigs: Are They Really Worth It?

For most makeup artists, a destination wedding booking is like a dream come true…

Because it’s like a getaway ticket that lets you travel to exotic locations and be a part of your clients' special day. 

But, it can be quite challenging.

I know this for a fact because I’ve done numerous destination bridal makeup (both locally and internationally) over the last 16 years of my career.

From travel and accommodation to planning and execution, the whole process can be demanding. But, if you follow the guidelines I’m about to share… you’ll do just fine. 

That said, let me now share with you…

How To Prepare To Pull Off A Successful Destination Wedding Makeup

Like I mentioned earlier, there are 3 important tips you must consider to fully prepare for (and pull off) a successful destination wedding gig.

I explain the 3 key tips in the video below, but I’ll give them to you at a glance:

#1. Communicate Every Expense Upfront:

This may seem obvious, but unfortunately, most artists still miss some key aspects here. 

In the video I breakdown every single cost you need to include in the contract you send to clients, so there are no financial surprises down the line.

And as a bonus, I added my personal pricing and contract checklist for destination weddings to help you ensure you never leave money on the table when you do yours.

#2.  Condense Your Makeup Kit: 

Condensing your makeup kit is a skill that’s essential for destination weddings. 

Your destination wedding might require you to fly to the location, so you want to make sure your makeup kit complies with airline regulations.

I explain exactly how you can do this in the video.


#3.  Never Go Alone:

Chances are you’re likely going to an unfamiliar location for your destination wedding gig… 

So it’s in your best interest to go with someone to be a kind of personal assistant.

On top of the safety layer it gives you, it also makes you look professional.

And if you follow the tips I share in the video, you can even get the client to cover your assistant’s expenses.

Watch the video below to learn how to deliver a flawless destination wedding makeup experience

As promised, I’m going to give you a copy of my personal checklist for setting prices and creating contracts for destination bridal clients.

Click the download button below to get the checklist for FREE.


Okay… that’s all for now on destination wedding makeup.

Remember that while destination wedding makeup can be highly demanding, it can also be highly rewarding when you know how to pull it off successfully. 

Follow the tips I share in the video and use the free checklist I provided, and you’ll be sure to deliver an unforgettable destination wedding memory for your brides.

I can’t wait to hear the exciting stories of your destination wedding makeup experience!

Stay fabulous,

Lauren D’Amelio Ventre

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