How To Choose The Perfect Makeup Lighting Setup 

If you’ve ever wondered how your favorite MUAs manage to create those picture-perfect beauty shots, I’ll tell you how right now. The secret is in their makeup lighting setup.

Any makeup artist who knows their stuff will tell you that getting your lighting setup right can take your makeup game from “okay” to “flawless”.

Because when you get your lighting setup right, it sets the stage for creating stunning photos that showcase your artistry and impress clients.

That’s why in today’s tutorial, I’m going to show you my best lighting setup tips for creating beautiful makeup photos that leave clients in awe.

Stick around till the end and I’ll give you access to my special collection of quality makeup lighting equipment & techniques.

Okay, let’s quickly go over the basics…

Why You Need The Perfect Makeup Lighting Setup

Imagine this: You’ve just finished creating a masterpiece of makeup artistry…

Your client's features are accentuated flawlessly, and the colors blend seamlessly. You know it looks amazing in person, but the question is…

How do you make sure the makeup photographs beautifully?

This is where proper makeup lighting setup comes in.

The right lighting setup isn't just about illumination but about bringing your artistry to life.

So you always want to make sure you’re getting it right every single time.

With that in mind, let’s dive into setting the perfect lighting for your shots.

Creating The Perfect Lighting Setup For Flawless Beauty Shots

I made a video below where I teach the perfect lighting setup in detail, but here are some of the main points.

You can set up your lighting using 2 types of lighting:

1.  Natural Lighting — This is every makeup artist’s best friend because it helps you achieve a naturally soft and radiant look.

The setup is pretty easy because all you need to do is leverage the radiance from sunlight (and I explain how to do this in the video).

2.  Artificial Lighting — which comes to the rescue when natural light isn’t available, and helps to ensure that every contour, highlight, and color pops perfectly in your photos.

This is where you’ll need equipment like panel lights and handheld lights. So you’ll need to customize the settings so the lighting is just right – not too warm or too bright.

In the video, I demonstrate my top techniques for achieving the perfect makeup lighting setup using both natural and artificial lights.

Watch the video below to learn my best makeup lighting setup for bringing your artistry to life in photos

Earlier in the blog post, I promised to give you access to a copy of my favorite collection of quality lighting equipment and lighting techniques…

You can grab it when you click the download button below. (It’s absolutely free)

So there you go…

You now know why it’s important to have the proper lighting setup for achieving picture-perfect makeup photos and the best tips for making it happen.

You can always come back to the video and also use the insights I share in the free resource anytime you need a refresher.

I look forward to seeing the stunning photos you create using the makeup lighting setup tips you learn in the video! 🤗

Stay fabulous,

Lauren D’Amelio Ventre

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