How To Build A Team That Grows Your Makeup Business

How To Build A Team That Grows Your Makeup Business
If you're at that point in your makeup career where you want to focus on growing your makeup business without getting overwhelmed by admin tasks, then this blog post is perfect for you.

Just imagine being able to effortlessly handle big bridal parties, smoothly manage your overflowing inbox, and easily handle a surge in inquiries…

All of that becomes possible when you have an exceptional team by your side.

So, in this post, I'll be sharing the best tips to help you build an exceptional team — one that will not only lessen your workload but also take your makeup business to new heights.

Stick around because I've got a cool free resource for you to download that will kickstart your journey to building a winning team that helps you grow your makeup biz.

Alright, let's dive in!

The Makeup Business Challenge

As your makeup business grows, so do the challenges — dealing with a surge of emails, attending to inquiries, and managing large bridal parties can feel overwhelming. 

But not to worry, these challenges can become much easier to handle when you have a dedicated team by your side. 

Now, let's dive into how you can find this amazing team and set them up for success.

#1 – Finding Your Dream Team

When it comes to building your dream team, the first step is to find people who truly resonate with your makeup business's core values and vision. 

You want team members who are genuinely committed to the success of your brand, rather than solely focused on advancing their own makeup artist careers. 

Once you've gathered your team, it's important to establish clear expectations and roles – and that brings us to the next point…

#2 – Defining Job Expectations

Before hiring, it's important to clearly outline what you expect from your team members.

Define their responsibilities, communication standards, work hours, and any additional tasks like client communication or PR. (I shared some really cool tools that can help you with this part in the video below).

Remember, responding promptly to client inquiries is a must, ideally within 72 hours – which is why the next point is worth mentioning… 

#3 – Mastering Client Communication

Timely client communication is super important for maintaining professionalism – and it's crucial that everyone on your team gets that. 

So, you want to make sure your team really understands the importance of responding quickly, especially when it comes to weekend inquiries. 

And the more efficient systems you can put in place, the better – that way, you can guarantee your clients receive the best service possible.

Next up is…

#4 – Boosting Your Brand Image with Team Apparel

If you're really serious about growing your makeup biz, having a unified brand image is absolutely essential. 

So it totally makes sense to give your team members some branded apparel, you know, to strengthen their connection to your makeup business. 

This not only helps create a cohesive brand identity, but also boosts recognition and referrals.

#5 – Paving the Path to Future Growth

As your makeup business continues to flourish, you may need to expand your team further. 

Don't shy away from hiring additional team members to accommodate the growing demand. 

More hands mean more potential clients and unprecedented business growth.

Now that’s just a tip of the iceberg…

I explain the above tips in more detail in the video below… including tools and strategies to help you build a winning team that grows your makeup business.

So if you really want to get the best of these team-building tips…

Watch the video below and learn how to apply these team-building tips in your makeup business

And for the free resource I promised you…

Click the link below to download a checklist of these team-building tips to help kickstart your journey to makeup business success.

Before you go, I want to remind you of something important… 

Building a solid team is what takes your makeup business to the next level, seriously.

Not only does it make your workload a breeze, but it also lightens the stress on your shoulders… and guess what? It sets the stage for phenomenal growth in your career.

So, if you find yourself turning down clients because you simply can't handle the load, it's about time you start assembling a team.

Trust me, with the tips I've shared in the video and the free resource above, building your dream team will be a whole lot easier. 

I can't wait to hear your success stories as you tap into the power of team building to skyrocket your makeup business!


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Lauren D’Amelio Ventre

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