6 Days Of Holiday Glam Day 4 – Skin Prep, Liquids & Creams

Want to learn my elite contouring techniques?

Well, that’s exactly what you’ll get today on Day 4 of my Holiday Glam Masterclass where I cover Skip Prep, Liquids & Creams, recorded live at Tarte Cosmetics.

You’re going to see how I prep the skin after finishing the eyes. You’re also going to see how I deploy my cream contouring techniques to create a flawless base for the face makeup. 

On top of that, I’m also going to show you 4 key techniques you need to know to achieve picture-perfect makeup:  

  1. How to prevent makeup from forming dark circles under the eyes
  2. How to blur out any imperfections on the face
  3. A common mistake to avoid when contouring… AND
  4. How to achieve seamless blending that results in a flawless finish

So, watch this video of Day 4 and get ready for Day 5 in my next post – where I set the skin with powders to bring out the beauty of the look we’ve created so far.

If you missed day one, here.

Day two here.

Day three here.

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