Foundation Matching: How To Select The Perfect Shade For Any Skin Tone  

Ever struggled with foundation matching while making up a client? You are not alone. 

Picking the right foundation shade (aka foundation matching) is one of the biggest secrets behind creating flawless makeup looks.

That's why in today's blog post, I'm going to teach you how to choose the perfect foundation shade for any skin tone and consistently create a flawless look.

I've also included a free resource with valuable tips on finding the correct foundation shade for any undertone. I'll give you a link to download a copy at the end of this blog post. 

That said, let's dive in…

Why You Should Always Start With Foundation Matching

Selecting the right foundation shade is the foundation of a flawless makeup look.

In fact, it's an art every makeup artist must master if you want to achieve seamless makeup application and create stunning transformations for your clients.

It's not just about matching your face…

It's about ensuring that your makeup blends seamlessly with the neck, chest, and undertones, enhancing their natural beauty and leaving them feeling confident.

When you pay attention and carefully select the right shade that matches a client’s skin tone, you create a truly customized makeup experience that leaves a lasting impression.

So, how do you go about foundation matching?

3 Key Foundation Matching Tips For Choosing The Perfect Shade

In the video below, I share three major tips that will help you perfect the art of choosing the right foundation shade for any skin tone.

For a quick overview, here are the three tips…

Tip #1 – Swatch on different areas: 

Try applying foundation to the jawline, forehead, and cheeks. 

Then, step back in natural light to see how it blends. ( I demoed this particular  tip in the video below)

Tip #2 – Consider undertones: 

Pink, yellow, or neutral undertones can influence how the foundation appears on your client’s skin. 

If a client has cool undertones, choose a foundation with blue or purple undertones.

For warm undertones, choose a foundation with yellow or gold undertones. 

If you have neutral undertones, you can usually go for any foundation shade.

Tip #3 – Account for spray tans and clothing choices

If a client has a spray tan, select a foundation shade one tone lighter. 

Also, if the client is wearing dark or bright colors, you might want to go for a foundation shade slightly darker than their skin tone.

Ready to watch me demonstrate some of these tips?

Watch the video tutorial below to learn the 3 key foundation-matching tips!

Now for the free resource I promised…

To help you achieve perfect foundation matching every time, I've created a special free resource for you.

Click the button below to download your copy:

So there you have it… 

Now you know foundation matching is a crucial step in achieving flawless makeup looks.

By following the tips outlined in this blog post, you can ensure a seamless blend of your chosen foundation shade with any skin tone you’re working on.

Remember to watch the video for a visual guide and download the free resource too.

Feel free to tag me on socials whenever you find these tips helpful to your artistry.

As always, I look forward to celebrating your success stories.

In the meantime, apply these foundation-matching tips and tell me if they make a difference to your artistry.

Stay fabulous,

Lauren D’Amelio Ventre

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