5 Best Strategies to Boost Your MUA Social Media Presence

Ever wondered how some makeup artists create a buzz with their social media presence, while others struggle to get noticed?

It’s really no secret… It all comes down to 5 essential strategies which I share in this blog post.

So if you want to unlock the secret behind a remarkable social media presence, you’d want to read this blog post till the end.

For those who stick around till the end, I’ve added a free resource to this blog post to help you start applying these strategies immediately. 

It’s my personal Instagram posting guide! So if you want to get your hands on it, let’s dive in.

Before we do, a little reminder… 

Why Every MUA Should Make Social Media Presence A Priority

If you're serious about growing your influence in the beauty world, then growing your social media presence is non-negotiable.

It's like a virtual showcase for your talent that’s open 24/7, drawing in clients and fans from around the world. 

So it’s not just about showing off, but about giving yourself a competitive edge amongst your peers.

When you make your social media presence a priority, you open up yourself for connections & opportunities that can boost your credibility and elevate your makeup business.

And with the right strategies, your artistry will be on a fast track to becoming a social media sensation.

That said, let’s now dive into the 5 best strategies for growing your social media presence.

Strategy #1 – Find Your Niche

This is the 1st step – finding your niche… your unique style.  It's like your makeup signature, something that sets you apart from the crowd. 

It's the secret sauce that attracts potential clients, and also keeps your followers coming back for more. 

To achieve this, you must curate your content and channel your inspiration into your makeup artistry in a way that resonates with your ideal client. 

I recommend creating a mood board to help visualize your niche (and I explain this step in detail in the video below).

Strategy #2 – Create & Post Diverse, High Quality Content

Creating stunning content is essential to keep your audience engaged, and to increase your chances of attracting your ideal clients.

Think of it as the canvas for your makeup artistry. The better the quality, the more people will stay on your page, leading to an improved social media presence. 

Also, different types of content appeal to different audience segments…

So, you need to mix up your content by posting various types of content, such as stories, permanent posts, carousels, reels, etc.

When you watch the video below, you’ll understand why this strategy is a non-negotiable part of succeeding in growing your social media presence.

Strategy #3 – Schedule Your Posting & Check Performance

Social media is not just about sharing your creativity; it's also about understanding your audience and giving them what they love. 

And that’s why this strategy is important.

When you tailor your content to your audience's preferences, you're more likely to gain followers and keep them engaged.

Strategies #4 and #5…

It involves giving value to your audience, especially in the form of educational content and relevant giveaways…

And I explain step-by-step how to implement these strategies in the training video below.

So if you really want to grow your social media following…

Watch the video below and learn how to apply these strategies to boost your social media presence:

And for the free resource I promised you…

Click the link below to download my personal Instagram posting guide to fast-track your social media success.

Final Takeaway

Finally, you need to remember that social media success is a marathon, not a sprint. 

Be patient, stay true to your style, and keep honing your craft. Your dedication will pay off, and soon you'll be at the top of the MUA social media game

Follow the 5 strategies I laid out in the video and use the tips I provided in the free resource, and you’ll be well on your way to successfully growing your social media presence.

I’ll love to hear your success stories as you apply these 5 best strategies for boosting your social media presence.

And as always, I’ll be rooting for you!


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Stay fabulous,

Lauren D’Amelio Ventre

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